What Is The Definition Of Being Brainwashed?

Although several criticisms might be advanced against the proposed defense, psychological evidence exists to establish beyond doubt the brainwashing phenomenon and its causal link with illegal acts.

There are valid moral arguments that brainwashing should afford an excuse to all crimes..

What is another word for manipulate?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for manipulate, like: control, leave-alone, handle, mold, manage, keep in line, synthesize, maneuver, shape, form and plan.

What is the difference between brainwashing and an argument?

What is the difference between brainwashing and an argument? Brainwashing is a manipulation in which a new information or idea is introduced. … Argument is when two or more people express and validates their ideas through discussion.

How long does it take to brainwash someone?

This can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years, depending on the circumstances of the brainwashing. An extreme form of this complacency is known as the Stockholm syndrome, where two bank robbers in Sweden in 1973 held four hostages for a period of 131 hours.

How do you break free from brainwashing?

Heal From Brainwashing by Following a FormulaEnd Your Isolation. The quickest way to overcome any fear you feel is to open up to a therapist, social network, online group, club, friends, or family members about anything. … Educate Yourself About All Types of Abuse. … Accept Painful Thoughts and Anxieties.

What is another term for brainwashing?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for brainwash, like: indoctrinate, program, instill, control, alter, propagandize, influence, persuade, catechize, convince and teach.

What are the steps to brainwashing?

Lifton ultimately defined a set of steps involved in the cases of brainwashing studied, roughly dividing them into three stages: breaking down the self, introducing the possibility of salvation, and rebuilding the self.

What’s the opposite of brainwashed?

A one word antonym would be “enlightening” or “informing.” Any process which corrects a misunderstanding would be the opposite of the act of brainwashing— setting the record straight. A “revelation” could be considered the opposite of brainwashing.

Is propagandize a word?

verb (used with object), prop·a·gan·dized, prop·a·gan·diz·ing. to propagate or publicize (principles, dogma, etc.) by means of propaganda. to subject to propaganda: to propagandize enemy countries.

What are some mind control techniques?

Mind ControlBrainwashing: The classic military method.Conversion techniques: The methods of cults and coercive groups.Hypnotism: How people are hypnotized.Persuading With Willpower: The methods of using will in influence.Power: The ability to act and influence others.Propaganda: covert persuasion of populations.

What’s the opposite of delusional?

delusion(n) Antonyms: disillusionment, disenchantment, reality, actuality, fact. Synonyms: illusion, deception, phantasm, hallucination, mockery, ruse.